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Q3 2021

Application Security


In the era of high-profile data breaches, rampant ransomware, and a constantly shifting government regulatory environment, development teams are increasingly taking on the responsibility of integrating security design and practices into all stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Q3 2021

Low-Code Development

Empowering Business Users, Enabling Developers

Development speed, engineering capacity, and technical skills are among the most prevalent bottlenecks for teams tasked with modernizing legacy codebases and innovating new solutions. In response, an explosion of “low-code” solutions has promised to mitigate such challenges by abstracting software development to a high-level visual or scripting language used to build integrations, automate processes, construct UI, and more. While many tools aim to democratize development by reducing the required skills, others seek to enhance developer productivity by eliminating needs such as custom code for boilerplate app components. 

Q2 2021


Automation for Reliable Software Delivery

In 2020, DevOps became more crucial than ever as companies moved to distributed work and accelerated their push toward cloud-native and hybrid infrastructures. In this Trend Report, we will examine what this acceleration looked like for development teams across the globe, and dive deeper into the latest DevOps practices that are advancing continuous integration, continuous delivery, and release automation.

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